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3 products I’m keeping on my bathroom sink


If you look at my bathroom sink area, it’s pretty much an assembly line of everything I’m immediately testing before bed and in the shower. If it doesn’t work, it’s quickly removed and replaced. Since it’s prime real estate for my product testing, it’s really the best place to check out what I’m loving. Currently:

肥皂时光Essenza,露得清最新的卸妆油,和飞利浦Sonicare DiamondClean

Essenza soap, Neutrogena’s newest cleansing oil, and Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

1)时光Essenza洗手液On the quest to upgrade the small details in a equally small NY apartment, I added Essenza soaps to our bathroom. Well, kinda — although they look fancy with their saturated colors of blues and reds you can find them at the drugstore for less than $4. They are full of pure essential oils, shea butter, aloe, and mild cleansers. The Pomegranate Acai and South Pacific Water (pictured here) smells so good, even our guests have commented on it.

2)Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil这不是技术上的命中商店,但(在7月份推出),但因为我有一个提前的样品,我一直在每天晚上使用它。我以前尝试清洁油,可惜不是最好的体验。我使用的那些太重,居然觉得它加剧了我的一些皮肤问题。所以,我不知道我怎么会觉得这一个。我一直在使用它在过去的一周,我很愉快地对我是多么真的很喜欢它感到惊讶。我将它应用于第一干性皮肤,按摩它通过再用水擦干净。当你加水,它的排序乳化的乳白色的一致性和冲洗掉污垢和彩妆。我知道这似乎违反直觉使用油,如果你的脸是油性(我的是COMBO),但油吸引了油,我觉得这已经软化我的皮肤没有使它感到干燥,紧绷之后。双加号不刺激我的眼睛,闻像桃子。注:它仍然是一个温和的油,所以这一切说一下我是如何爱它的日常,这不是超重型。 So if it’s one of those nights you went OD on makeup, try double cleansing (i.e. use this oil first just to get the superficial dirt off, and then follow up with your go-to face wash)

3)飞利浦Sonicare DiamondClean牙刷。更新我的牙齿健康:我只是进去了cleaning and zero cavities *happy dance*. THIS mechanical toothbrush has been the best one I’ve used in years. The one I had previously was sleek looking (and expensive) but was so rough on my teeth/gums. This one has five cleaning modes (including Gum Care, Polish, and White) that lets you customize it to your liking. And its beyond its years as far as features. Like a glass charging station (meaning you literally have to put it in a glass near its plugged charger instead of hooking the charger up to it directly) and a travel case that you can hook a USB up to charge the brush. Yes, your laptop can charge my toothbrush. Besides all that fancy stuff, it removes 5x more plaque than a regular toothbrush.

What’s made it to your sink lately?

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October 9, 2014

…mostly because my cuteMs. Marvelcuz is in it, and they definitely captured how funny/awkward she can be (totally saying that out of love :D). Check it out:

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Chef Aida Mollenkamp on how to eat well & keep your smile bright!


ByBilal Mohammad

Having dinner with celeb chef, Aida Mollenkamp

I recently had the pleasure of attending an interactive cooking experience hosted byRembrandtandCelebrity ChefAida Mollenkamp(she’s been on the Food Network’sAsk Aida, the Cooking Channel’sFoodCrafters, and has authored a cookbook, “Keys to the Kitchen: The Essential Reference for Becoming a More Accomplished, Adventurous Cook”).

Dinner with Rembrandt!

Hosted atHaven’s Kitchenin Chelsea, the theme of the night was learning about stain-inducing foods and how we can better take care of our white smiles, using the伦勃朗激烈染色系列。Aida provided some of her favorite beauty and food-related tips as a celebrity chef, which included:

Check out your farmer’s market.“Not only do you get the best, freshest ingredients around, but you’re also supporting your community”
- “To make sure my smile is camera-ready(a big part of my job!), Rembrandt’s Intense Stain Stain Dissolving Strips are a lifesaver. They dissolve in 5-10 minutes and whiten tough stains caused from coffee, tea, and wine.”
- “为了尽量减少牙齿色斑, try eating an apple in between brushes. Also, I try swishing discreetly with water between sips of dark drinks like coffee.”
My biggest hosting tip: Planning ahead.“The more you prepr beforehand from cutting to preparing ingredients, setting the table and selecting your menu, the less stressed you’ll be.”

We began our meal with a Crostini with Haven’s Kitchen Ricotta and Beet Caviar. We expected the beets to be the stain inducers of this course (and they were). However, some of us were surprised to hear that the high sugar content of white bread also leads to enamel eroding bacteria. Following this, we were served a market salad that consisted of bitter beans, balsamic glazed radishes, bulgar wheat and raspberries.


The main culprits of this course were the acidic balsamic vinegar and the raspberries. I was definitely surprised to hear that fruit could be responsible for serious staining! Our entrée was a seared striped bass served with long beans, squash blossoms, and squid ink linguine. It was the squid ink linguine that took the #6 spot for most severe food stains.

Seared striped bass


Chocolate torte



Rembrandt provided us with a number of products from their Intense Stain Collection. The stain dissolving strips and the intense stain toothpaste work to remove and prevent stains caused by things like coffee, tea, wine, etc., while also strengthening teeth. We tried the dissolving strips following our meals and were pleasantly surprised because, once we had placed the strips on our teeth, we could barely feel them on our teeth. Unlike other whitening strips, they didn’t burn or cause any discomfort. Can’t wait to try the rest at home now!

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Family celebrations: A Baby Teeth-themed party!

July 11, 2013

I think it’s safe to say my family is pretty creative when it comes to parties. When my mom, brother and his family decided they would come to visit the east coast, it was my cousin Safia’s idea to throw a dual-surprise party:(1) to celebrate my sister-in-law’s second child on the way; and (2) to celebrate my youngest sister getting into dental school.How to meld those two very different occasions? We decided a cute theme for both would be宝宝长牙!

Congrats on dental school to Haj! Congrats on baby two for Fatima!

A party like this was put together fairly quickly on our end, but with help from the family (thanks Sumaira, Heba, Ammaar, Z, Suh, and MOM!), plus the very generousRembrandt(which, PS, I’m the new blogger ambassador for!) we were able to pull it off!

Favor table

When we decided on the theme, Rembrandt was quickly on board to help with the favors and prizes. They sent over two of my favorite things from their line: theirIntense Stain Toothpastefor every guest to take home, and four boxes theirIntense Stain Dissolving Stripsas prizes. They were such a hit, the guests喜爱them. We put them right next to my sister’s favorite candies, with this sign:

Baby shower prizes

我们必须得到一个小创意的主题,因为我们很快就意识到,有真的没有太多的乳牙相关方的东西在那里。Sumaira烤红色天鹅绒,巧克力和香草蛋糕,并与小宝宝的脚糖果和食用婴儿牙齿结霜萨菲亚之前进行夜间突破他们。我们试图使食物“一口大小”的地方,我们可以(我妈妈做的滑块,我做了grape salsa crostinis, and we had Chicago-style popcorn and treats sprawled across the table, for example). We mixed up the “CONGRATS!” and “IT’S A GIRL!” balloons all over the place. We also got mini water balloons and water guns that the kids played with on the end (good thing too — that day was super humid!). Here are some more highlights from the day!

Chicago popcorn


Drinks table

Think my brother was too preoccupied with the water gun

Nephew and family

I know I missed a ton of pics of guests, will add more soon! But thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate! Also, special thanks to Rembrandt for their help!

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*This posting includes products send to me on behalf of Rembrandt brand to help my review!

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Ever wonder what foods can dull your teeth? How about ones that can make them brighter? I’m a little dental hygiene obsessed, so thought I could share some wisdom viaMarc Liechtung,DMD,发明者Snap-on-Smileand principal in曼哈顿牙科艺术,一个总部位于纽约的做法,专门从事化妆品和口腔修复。Below, his “Dirty Dozen” (rule of thumb: any food that can stain a white T-shirt can stain your teeth too), and another 12 that can whiten that smile too:



— The darker the drink, the more staining that can occur. So try adding a little extra milk to lighten the color and reduce the staining effect.

—Both red and white wines if taken in excess will stain your teeth. Although red stains, white wine’s acidic composition actually etches tiny grooves in your teeth making them more porous and more easily stained.

3. Colas and Sports Drinks
—These actually promote staining byother食物,因为它们是如此的高酸性。

4. Berries
— Blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, cherries and other berries, although excellent for your overall health, can stain your teeth. So, if you’re crazy for berries, be sure to rinse out your mouth thoroughly with water after each indulgence.

5. Beets
- 现在这里是一个可以把一个强大的污点在你的T恤,所以,像所有的食物污渍,适度的呼吁与这一个植物人。

6. Sauces
—Soy sauce and tomato sauce, as well as other deeply colored sauces, are believed to have significant staining potential.

7. Juices
—Grape, pomegranate and cranberry are highly pigmented and can cause staining. So, if you must imbibe, try rinsing your mouth out with water or drinking juices through a straw, thereby bypassing the fronts of your teeth

8. Pickles and ketchup
- 这些酸性食物善于开拓你的牙齿珐琅质,允许容易染色的毛孔。

9. Balsamic Vinegar

10. Candy
–Sweets contain teeth-staining coloring agents. If your tongue turns a funny color, there’s a good chance that your teeth will too.

在印度的食品 - 虽然很大,这个黄染色食品香料可以在牙齿苛刻。所以一定要放纵后彻底冲洗。

12. Popsicles
—Did you ever look at your tongue after you’ve finished your fruity, sugary pop? Not only does it color your tongue, but also your teeth. Plus, it has added double whammy negative effect produced by all of that sugar. So, limit your intake and rinse with water after finishing.

12 Foods the Whiten Teeth

1.Apples and pears
increase salivary production which flushes away stains over time.

2. Pineapple
acts as a natural stain remover.

3. Carrots

4. Cauliflower and cucumbers
also help to increase salivary production the natural way to flush away stains.

5. Green vegetables like broccoli, lettuce and spinach
contains iron which helps form an acid-resistant film or barrier that can protect the enamel on your teeth.

6. Shitake mushrooms
help inhibit bacteria from growing in your mouth.

7. Onions

is rich in protein, calcium and phosphorus, all of which can help safeguard the acids in your mouth.

9. Salmon
provides calcium and vitamin D, nutrients needed for healthy bones and teeth.

10. Poppy and sesame seeds
help scrub away plaque.

11. Ginger


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November 29, 2012

Molly Sims. Photo credits: Michael Simon / REMBRANDT

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by modelMolly SimsatBLOWsalon.RembrandtandNeutrogenawere also generous in providing smile touch ups and mini makeovers by brand ambassadorAmy Oresman, while BLOW stylists kept busy giving all the guests gorgeous hair styles. Sims, who just gave birth to son Brooks just five months earlier (of course she doesn’t look like it, sporting a beautifulPrada jacketandBCBG MaxAzria dresstopped off with elegant凯瑟琳·贝丝耳环), was game to give her best beauty tips. A mother, model, wife, and fashionista — I knew we were in good hands.

Neutrogena makeup artist, Amy Oresman, giving Sims a touch up

BATF: First of all, congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! Some of my readers want to know, how did your life changed as a mother?
Molly Sims
: My showers got really short! I went from a 30 minute shower, which is terrible to admit, to like a two minute one. I used to have a lot more time on my hands, and now there’s alwayssomething。And of course, a lot more laundry. I got a spitter on my hands. He’s a happy spitter, but he’s a spitter.

BATF: You’re clearly someone who’s always on-the-go, so what are some of your essentials for a quick and easy makeup?
The best thing I can tell you is use a primer. I love露得清的[健康的皮肤底漆]。你需要那将持续一整天的妆容。我的意思是,你认为你要重新申请,但你真的没有。Blotting tissues是惊人的。我也喜欢Shu Uemura’s eyelash curler。And for lipgloss, I loveDior的光泽,它带给你的自然唇色。其Addict Lip Glow

BATF: So what do you think aboutRemembrandt’s Whitening Strips?
I used them for my wedding! I actually tried to get my teeth whitened for my wedding from a professional office. They use a light to bleach your teeth, and I couldn’t get through it because it affected my nerves, I got like a “zinger” pain. I did two weeks of伦勃朗强烈染色该溶解你的嘴。每天五分钟,惊人的三倍。



模拟人生:From the beginning. I had braces for like three years and had a horrible overbite so I’ve always been conscious of my teeth. And probably because they’re so big, I’ve been even more conscious! So in college when I first started modeling did I really become more aware. I always tell people that the two things people always forget always are their eyebrows and their teeth. Now with people drinking a lot more Starbucks, it’s even more important to keep them white!

Post-interview, posing with Sim and Lara from Pretty Connected

Reason enough for me to try these strips now! Have any of you tried them? What did you think?

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