Almond butter & Coffee toast

January 26, 2015

Snap from my trip to Costa Rica

I have a whole post almost ready to go about everything I did inCosta Rica, in case any of you are planning to go (which, also, you SHOULD). And now with this impending snowstorm of record proportions due to hit NY, thepura vidanostalgia is for REAL.

Chocolate covered espresso beans

One of my favorite snacks from there were these little chocolate covered espresso beans I tried first at theDoka Estate. As you can might be able to tell from the blog alone, give me coffee flavored everything. I took one bite of these and stocked up on them to give to everyone back home too.

Almond Butter x Chocolate coffee attempt 1

I even started incorporating them on random days at breakfast. I topped whole grain, whole wheat bread with almond butter, a drizzle of honey, and thought that would be my healthy-ish breakfast. But I eyed my packet ofBritt chocolate, and added it to my toast. On the second go, I even put a little finely-grounded coffee (the sameIrving Farm Roastersone fromthe previous post).

Attempt two with powdered coffee

I may be an addict, but I’m not apologizing.

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