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Tipperary – A salon just for kids

April 26, 2012

ByManisha Jogia

Ever caught your child trying to cut their own hair? I know I had plenty of friends who did! Fortunately, there’sTipperary— one of the first children’s-only hair salons in Beverly Hills.Tipperary Salon in Beverly Hills

In celebration of their 40th anniversary, the salon revealed their brand new renovated space with bright colors and paintings of some of your kid’s favorite characters to share their haircut experience!

Photo credit: Louie Heredia

Walking into the space (which is practically a giant play area), you’ll notice they have everything to give you kids a fun and unique hairstyle — colored hairbands, stylish Featherlocks, and even “HairChalks” to streak hair with funky colors (don’t worry parents, it washes right out).

Photo credit: Louie Heredia

Tipperary uses two hair product lines,Little Twigthat only uses organic ingredients, andPaul Mitchells Kids, leaving your child’s hair shiny and healthy. Plus, their prices are pretty reasonable: first time customers pay $30. You can even get a picture for your child’s first haircut ever!

Source: Tipperary Website

There are several arcade games, all for free, along with plenty of toys and board games for children to enjoy while waiting for their turn or evenwhilegetting their hair done (distracted kids are usually not-crying kids, yes?).

Photo Credit: Louie Heredia

Check them out. If you and your children are able to join in on all the fun Tipperary has to offer, I’m pretty sure your kids will never even think about trying to cut their own hair again :).Where do you go for your kid’s haircuts?

Salon Info:

9422 Dayton Way
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Phone: (310) 274-0294

2 thoughts on “Tipperary – A salon just for kids

  1. Henry Furaku

    Thats amazing! I’m nearly 30 and I wish adult hair salons offered something like this.

    Thanks Manisha Jogia!!

  2. Lynn Loring

    Have been going to Tipperary for almost 40 years!! Used to take my son and daughter there- and now my grandson.. it is a fantastic salon, they do outstanding work and kids love it. What more could you ask???

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