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Beauty on the Streets: Misa Chien & Jennifer Green of the Nom Nom Truck

August 30, 2010

The Nom Nom girls: Misa Chien (top) and Jennifer Green

Name:Misa Chien and Jennifer Green


职业:Owners of the Nom Nom Truck

Location:All over SoCal

MC: “After several internships in college, I knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur and be my own boss. My ultimate goal in life is to be on Oprah for bringing something positive to the world (yes, I know…a very lofty goal!).”

JG: “I am living my own dream of running a business with one of my best friends. Food truck life can have a machismo feel, but we work beyond all that! We change tires, parallel park big ol’ trucks, crank on the grill and feed your face…all with love!”

Growing up, I always thought I’d be:MC: A tennis player/ JG: Pianist.

The best part about having a food truck is:MC: It is such a new, dynamic industry and we are so excited to be a part of it! / JG: We always have enough food stocked if we’re hungry! We also do “food trades” with other businesses. It’s good to share!

How do you stay so skinny working on a food truck?MC: Running around in the truck and taking orders!

People seem to not get enough of:JG: Our Honey-Grilled Pork Bánh mì will make you very happy!

If we could, we’d love to take our truck to:MC: New York! We think they would love our Nomster and bright green truck there…how could they resist? / JG: Tokyo, so I can get cute little snacks and trinkets to decorate our Nominator.

I’ll never forget the time:MC: I bungee jumped in New Zealand in the fetal position./ JG: I scootered through Vietnam, with no accidents!

Worst habit:MC: Getting distracted at the window — I love to chat it up with our Nomsters! / JG: Half-used water cups tend to always be around me.

My favorite makeup tip:MC:Shu Umera eyelash curleris a must. / JG: I wash my makeup brushes with equal parts olive oil and anti-bacterial soap. It moisturizes the bristles and gets all the makeup off. I also use aloe vera juice and apple cider vinegar as a natural toner.

Current beauty product obsession:MC:Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara. / JG:Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift. It works as a shadow base and really evens out the entire eye area. It makes me look so much more awake!

But I also can’t live without:MC:Stila blush stick/ JG:Chanel Waterproof Eyeliner— I work on the truck with steam and extreme heat, it works so well.Pure Vitamin E oilas a moisturizer andDr. Hauschka Sunscreen for Children.

People might be surprised to know:MC: I lovvvvveee kittens! / JG: I’ve ran eight marathons and I love manga!

My favorite hair product is:MC:Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoommmmmm/ JG:Argan oilandBumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray

我不理解那些不like:MC: Dim sum. / JG: Onions. Braised Onions might just be my favorite thing ever.

The restaurant I can never get tired of is:MC:Pizza Mozza‘s Squash Blossom pizza. / JG:Santouka Rameninside the Mitsuwa Market has the best ramen I’ve had in LA.Three Amigosin Norwalk for the best burrito of your life (no joke). I also love Pizzeria Mozza’s Squash Blossom Pizza and Cauliflower Fritti. I could keep going….

Though I can make killer:MC: Frittata — potatoes, peppers, Havarti cheese, how can you go wrong? / JG: French Onion Soup (back to the onions) and Bánh xèo (Vietnamese crepe).

Who inspires me:MC: Oprah. She is such an amazing woman, and has positively affected so many people. She has been a major role model in my life. / JG: My parents! They work so hard to give us so many opportunities (My ma was one of the “boat people” after fall of Saigon). My boyfriend, Stephan, who is so smart and sassy! My vizsla pooch, who reminds me to just chill out and ride in the car with the windows down. Lastly, entrepreneurs who give back to the world.

Catch Misa and Jennifer onThe Great Food Truck Race, Sundays at 9pm/8c and Wednesdays at 8pm/7c on the Food Network!

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  1. James Trinh

    These two young ladies are smart, classy, beautiful entrepreneurs! Two thumbs up for Misa and Jennifer! U girls rock!

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